How to Reset a Shelly Lightbulb

28 Aug 2021



Smart lightbulbs are a simple way of adding automation to your home without the need of an electrician or any evasive work to your property. Without the need for a hub or controller, Shelly smart lightbulbs connect directly over your existing 2.4GHz WiFi network to the Shelly Cloud app.

Most simple issues can be resolved by simply by turning the bulb off at the power and back on again but there can be times that a simple restart of the Shelly smart bulb is not enough, and a full factory reset is required.


1. Toggle the power 5 Times on and off

If you still have a switch at the wall giving power to the Shelly smart bulb, then you can simply toggle this 5 times on and 5 times off. If you do not have a switch connected, then you will need to move the bulb to a location that does or use an alternative method to switch the power to the bulb on and off again.
Be sure to wait 2-3 seconds before powering the device back up.

2. Wait for Lightbulb to start to flash

When the Shelly lightbulb starts to flash, it will return to AP mode meaning the it has completed the Reset procedure. The Shelly RGBW bulbs will flash in red until you turn it off and on again, where the colour will change to blue indication it has been reset and in AP mode.

On occasion, if the device did not start the reset procedure, you may be required to try again.

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