How to Reset a Shelly Relay

22 Aug 2021



There are times where a simple restart of the Shelly relay at the circuit breaker is not enough, and you require a full reset of the device to clear the Shelly Relay back to its default factory settings. Some of the more recent models such as the Shelly Dimmer 2 and the Shelly 2.5 include a Reset button on the back of the device, however some devices such as the Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM do not and can only be reset with a switch wired to the SW input of the relay.

Most Shelly devices can be reset with the procedure described here using a toggle or momentary switch connected to the SW input.


1. Turn off the power to the Shelly

If the Shelly device is currently powered on, it needs to be turned off. This can normally be done at the Circuit Breaker for the circuit is connected to at the main fuse board.

2. Wait around 30 Seconds

Give the Shelly a chance to power down all its circuits and components.

3. Turn the power back on

Power the Shelly device back on at the Circuit breaker. Ensure you leave a few seconds for the device to power up.

4. Toggle the Switch 5 Times on and off

Using a toggle or momentary type switch connected to the SW input on the Shelly, switch the switch on and off 5 times each way (10 times in total) within 1 minute.

5. Wait for a Rapid Clicking Sound

The Shelly will click rapidly in quick succession when it triggers the device factory reset. After the trigger sound has been completed, the Shelly will be reset back to AP mode ready for setup.

On occasion, if the device did not start the reset procedure, you may be required to try again.

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