How to add a Shelly using the Web UI

26 Jul 2021



Once your Shelly device has been installed and powered up, you will need to connect it to the Shelly Cloud app. This can currently be done inside the app itself but there is another, more stable way via the Shelly Web UI.

Shelly has grown dramatically over the years globally and so has their product range. With this growth has seen more demand on the Shelly Cloud App which was originally built and designed to control just the Shelly 1. Since then, more and more device types, automations and clever new things have been added. Whilst we know there is a new Shelly Cloud App in BETA testing at the time of writing this, the current app is still operational and can have some issues in connecting new Shelly products to your account.

By connecting to the Shelly Web UI, you are connecting directly to the Shelly device via a local IP address rather than via the app which takes away any annoying glitches caused when connecting via the Shelly Cloud app.


1. Install your Shelly Device at or very close its final location

It is always a good idea to setup your Shelly product at the location where it is going to remain. If you have multiple Access Points for your home wifi network, the Shelly will always default back to the first Access Point it connected to. If you are like us and setup your Shelly devices on a bench before installing them then make sure that is as close as possible to its final home to ensure it doesn’t stick to the wrong Access Point on your network.

2. Boot the Shelly in Access Point Mode

Switch on the power to your Shelly by turning it on at your breaker.

If you are installing a new Shelly product, it will be set to Access Point (AP) by default. This means that your Shelly device will provide its own WiFi network for you to connect to.

You can also put your Shelly device into AP mode by following the reset procedure.

3. Connect to the Shelly AP WiFi network

Open your network settings on your device and connect to the Shelly’s WiFi network.
The Shelly WiFi will broadcast a SSID which is made up of the product type and a unique id such as shelly1-XXXXX which you can now connect to. Select connect to this network. It will not have internet access, it is purely for the purpose of setting up your Shelly.

4. Open an internet browser

Once you are connected to the Shelly WiFi network, open a web browser and head to the Shelly default IP Address to open the Shelly device Web UI.

5. Connect the Shelly Device to your WiFi network

Head over to the Internet and Security tab and head to the WiFi mode – client area to complete your WiFi SSID credentials. Check the box “Connect the Shelly device to an existing WiFi network”, enter the name or your WiFi network (SSID) and password.
It is best practise to give each Shelly device a fixed IP address on your network. If you are planning on using Local actions you will need to use a fixed IP to reach the device. If you are using a battery device, a fixed IP address reduces the amount of time it takes to connect to your network which means the batteries last longer.
You can set the fixed IP at your router or directly in the Shelly Web UI by entering the IP address you want the Shelly to use. Be careful not to select one which is being used by another device. No 2 devices can have the same IP address. Enter the Subnet mask of your network (usually found inside your router settings) and optionally but recommended, the IP address of your gateway or router and DNS server.

6. Apply the Settings and wait for the Shelly to reboot

Once you click save, the Shelly device will reboot and attempt to connect to your WiFi network using the credentials listed above. 
The Shelly device AP will no longer be showing and you should see your Shelly device on your WiFi network.

7. Add the device to the Shelly App

Now the Shelly is successfully connected to your network, you can easily add it to the Shelly Cloud App. 
Make sure your device with the Shelly Cloud app installed is connected to the same network as your Shelly device, open the Shelly app and wait a few moments for the “Discovered Devices” banner to show, add it to a room and press save. If the banner does not show, select the add device by IP address and follow the instructions on screen.

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