Shelly 4Pro Plus Production Delay

20 Apr 2021

Following the recent announcement regarding Possible Price Increases across the Shelly Cloud range, Shelly CEO Dimitar Dimitrov announced today that the Shelly Pro 4PM would also be delayed, whilst hinting at a whole new Shelly Pro collection to come.

In December 2020, Shelly announced that the release of the Shelly Pro 4PM, also known as the Shelly 4Pro Plus, the replacement for the Shelly 4Pro, with an initial launch date of today, 20 April 2021. In a statement released today via the Shelly Support Facebook Group, the Shelly CEO announced;

Shelly4Pro - production delay notice

Hello friends, some time ago we promised that on April 20 we will announce and release the new Shelly4pro. We are done with the product, but unfortunately the companies producing the chips do not. We have to wait for them, which will delay the launch of the product and the start of sales for the month of June in a limited series of 1000 pcs. The delivery of a larger quantity has been postponed to September 1. For the first 1000 we will soon open a special page where you can make a request and we will choose the first users who will have it.

However, there is also good news. We have ready not only with 4PRO, we will soon introduce you to 1Pro, 2Pro, 2ProHD, DimmerPro and 2DimmerPro, created according to industry standards for mounting in the fuse box.

Expect new information in mid-May.

CEO Allterco

Dimitar Dimitrov

Whilst the delay is disappointing for Shelly Fans who have been waiting patiently for further news, it has given us a little more insight in to what the Shelly 4Pro Plus will have to offer when we can finally get our hands on it in September; unless of course you are one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the initial 1,000 expected in June, via Shelly direct.

What do we know about the Shelly 4Pro Plus

In the image released with the announcement, the Shelly 4Pro seems to have some features not seen in the traditional collection including

  • Din rail mounting
  • LAN RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • ESP32 Chip Based

Although little has been shared so far, we are expecting to hear more in the middle of May from Shelly and Dimitar as they lead up to an initial launch in June.

Below we take a look what we can expect from the New Pro Collection from Shelly.

What can we expect from the new Shelly 1Pro, Shelly 2Pro

Although this is the first we have heard of the Shelly 1Pro we expect it to be a pro version of the best selling Shelly 1 device which will see it’s biggest upgrade as it aligns it’s self to the new Pro range.

We expect the Shelly 2Pro to be the same of course but with 2 channels.

What can we expect from the Shelly 2Pro HD

The Shelly 2Pro HD has been confirmed as standing for “High Duty”. At the moment we don’t have any clarity on what High Duty might mean but we suspect it to be around usage in areas which may be outside or extreme environments for larger power requirements.

What can we expect Shelly DimmerPro and the Shelly Dimmer 2Pro

This is the first we have heard of the Shelly DimmerPro and Shelly Dimmer 2Pro and having reference to both seems to indicate there will be 2 different products. We expect the Shelly Dimmer Pro to be a 1 channel device whilst the Shelly Dimmer 2Pro will be for 2 channels. 

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