Shelly Announce “Possible Price Increases” Coming in 2021

17 Apr 2021

This week saw Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO at Allterco Robotics, announce possible price increases across its Shelly brand of IoT Home Automation devices.

In an announcement this Thursday on the Shelly Support Group on Facebook, Dimitar announced;

"Possible price increase!

At the moment we have enough agreed and stocks of chips by the end of the year to ensure stable production, but the prices at which they are bought have increased significantly in recent months. This may require an increase in the prices of some products temporarily."

Overall the comments from existing customers has been understanding in favour of Shelly and the current situation;

I think we, as consumers, have been lucky for this not to happen any sooner.”,

Thank you for the transparency 👍👍

“The global chip market is beyond broken! 😕

This year has already seen supply delay’s with products including the Shelly Dimmer 2, Shelly Bypass and Shelly RGBW bulbs.

The “possible” price increases have been attributed to supply chain issues which include the supply of silicone and other key components within the devices which there is a currently a shortage due to the aftereffects of the Covid pandemic, including the stop and start of production and even mining of raw materials

It currently remains unclear on which products or even when these price increases will take place, however the latest announcement more or less confirms it is a matter of when, not if price increases happen, despite the use of the word “possible”.

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