What is the Shelly Uni and what can it be used for

12 Sep 2021

The Shelly Uni is a versatile little device designed for low voltage DIY projects that the other Shelly products cannot. Measuring just 20 x 33 x 13mm, it has been designed to be compact with the idea of being able to fit in to any old appliance such as a washing machine, doorbell or even dishwasher to make it smart. To achieve this the Shelly Uni is an exposed circuit board with wires coming out of each end, coated in a transparent insulation to protect the chip from humidity, dust and the threat of a short circuit. 

Like all Shelly products, the Shelly Uni can be accessed by the Shelly Cloud app supporting REST, MQTT, CoAP straight out of the box. It is compatible with major Home Automation platforms such as Home Assistant and can be connected to voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

Digital Inputs

The 2 available digital inputs allow for the detection of any voltage from 2.2-36V DC and 12-24V AC. Both digital inputs are separated and are designed to monitor binary events when connected to sensors such as a PIR or reed switch. 

Analogue Input

The dual range of the Shelly Uni allows you to connect any analogue sensor and measure it. This is a great way of measuring voltage such as battery levels, moisture, distance, levels, rain, wind or any other analogue sensor. 

Temperature and Humidity

The Shelly Uni supports up to 3 x DS18B20 temperature sensor or 1x humidity sensor such as the DHT11 or DHT22

Potential Free Outputs 

There are 2 potential free outputs which allows you to control output voltages which are different to the input of the Shelly Uni. Each output can switch up to 24V DC and 36V AC with a maximum current of 100mA per channel. These universal outputs are ideal for triggering a low voltage relay or switching on or off an old appliance such as dishwasher or coffee machine.

Power Supply

The Shelly Uni is designed for lower voltage application, working with a wide range of power from 12-36V DC or 12-24V AC.

By implanting the Shelly Uni into an old appliance, you can remotely control and schedule devices such as Coffee machine, Dishwashers or even Washing Machines. You can connect it up to your existing doorbell to be notified every time somebody is at the door. It is so versatile it can even be added to an existing Arduino project. With its wide range of power supply and flexibility the Shelly Uni really has endless functionalities, allowing you to remotely control or schedule power, lights, doors, measure temperature, humidity, water levels or even voltage. The Shelly Uni is limited only by your imagine. 

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