Synchronised Holiday Light Show Displays

Magical musical and walk through Holiday Lighting displays `

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How we can help with your Musical Light Show

Pixel Props

Lighting Display themed shapes and props with predrilled holes for bullet pixels.

Musical Sequences

Lighting Displays synchronised to music. Holiday Lights timed to change to the beat of a song.

Mega Tree

RGB Mega Pixel Tree. Tree of lights created from RGB Pixel strands for animating and sequencing.

Pixel Strings

Create a beautiful light display with Individually addressable WS2811 RGB Pixel Strings.

LED Lighting Strips

WS2811 and WS2812B series of addressable LED’s set on a flexible self-adhesive strip.

RGB Floodlights

Light up buildings, trees and other focal points with addressable with RGB floodlights.

Pixcel Controllers

Ethernet controllers and expansion boards for pixels, addressable strips, dumb and ac lights.

Power Supply

5V and 12V cabling and power supply units for holiday lighting displays and power injection.

Waterproof Boxes

Cases for pixel controllers and power supply units built to withstand the elements.

Lighting Support

Premium one-time technical support for users who need help with their existing setup.

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