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Recent Home Automation Projects

Smart Home solutions for every room of your Home. Designed, Installed and customised to you

How we can help with your smart home

Smart Lights

Indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Holiday lights, light bulbs, switches, and relays

Smart Power

Power monitoring, Switches, Relays and Plugs. Control which devices come on when

Smart Irrigation

Sprinkler and drip control your garden based on weather conditions and soil moisture.

Smart Cleaning

Robotic vacuums and robotic mops. Get the house to clean itself when you’re not there

Smart Voice

Control your home with your voice. Let Alexa notify you when things change at home.

Smart Garden

Cut the lawn when you are not using the garden and the weather conditions are just right

Smart Location

Presence detection based on your geolocation, your devices, by motion or by network

Smart Security

Professional performance, Alarms, Video Surveillance and Access Control

Smart Media

Play music and video across your synced home media devices or in specific rooms

Smart Blinds

Open, close and adjust your curtains or blinds automatically or on demand

Smart Gates

Automatic gate opening and closing solutions operated by location or direct control

Smart Support

Technical support for DIY users who need help with their own existing setup

Smart Management

Ongoing support, training, updating, assistance, and maintenance packages

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