Credas is a remote verification tool which uses real-time ID document scanning and chip reading, combined with identity and facial recognition technology to offer a simple, quick and secure solution to regulated markets that require an identity verification solution.

When enabled, the compliance platform uses Credas to verify your customers identity and or property ownership.


You will require an API account with Credas. After creating your account, you will be provided your username, your api_key.


To add Credas to your Proptimise instance, visit your dashboard menu and select Tools, Integrations, click the “Add New” button, search for “Credas”, fill in the configuration variables with your details, and then click Submit.

Configuration Variables

API username

Your Credas username.


Your Credas API Key.

Auto Approve

Enable if the customer is approved automatically upon successfully completing their ID checks where no flags have been raised during the process.

API Testing and Updates

Our third-party integrations are recommendations by you and other users via our community. We rely on you as account holders to update us in the community of any upcoming changes or breaking changes which we may need to be aware so that we can update the API records within the system.

Important Notes

The Credas service is a third-party integration to Proptimise which can only be configured and activated by you via their API using the correct account type. We simply maintain the API connection from Proptimise to Credas on your behalf and not your relationship with Credas.

Credas Terms

Whilst every care has been taken to follow the supplied API documents for our third-party integrations, our liability ends once you have authorised any connection with that API. For details of Credas terms and conditions, please visit