HA Switchplate (HASP) PCB

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HA Switchplate (HASP) PCB

The HA SwitchPlate is a user-programmable LCD touchscreen project designed by Allen Derusha.

HA SwitchPlate connects to your home automation system over WiFi to send and receive MQTT messages in response to user interactions on the screen or events happening in your home. The result is an attractive and highly-customisable controller for your home automation system which you can build yourself!

This project utilises a Nextion 2.4" LCD Touchscreen display mounted in a standard-sized single-gang workbox as a touchscreen panel for home control and information display. An ESP8266-based microcontroller provides WiFi connectivity and system control. The project has been developed to integrate with Home Assistant but should be compatible with any other MQTT-enabled automation platform such as OpenHABDomoticzNode-RedWinkSmartThingsVeraHomeKit, etc.

To make the project as accessible to people in the UK, we have teamed up with Allen Derusha to bring the parts required to build this project along with a collection of how-to guides.

This PCB is the same as the PCB sold on Allen Derusha Tindie Store page and allows for safe, proven, and easy assembly of the electrical components.

We are huge fans of this project and see it as a great way for people who are wanting to start to work on their own DIY project to get a better understanding of how things work. We are selling these components with Allen Derusha full knowledge and we have insisted that we donate £1 of every purchase back to him as a thank you from us all in the UK for the fun and enjoyment it has brought.

Further Resources

HA SwitchPlate GitHub Page

Home Assistant Community Thread

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